Md Aminul Islam

Cyber Security Expert

MSc in Advanced Computer Science; Oxford Brookes University (2020-22) oModules included: Enterprise Networking; Secure Systems Architecture; Research, Scholarship and Professional Skills; Advanced Software Development; Data Science and Machine Learning; Big Data and the Cloud; MSc Dissertation in Computing Subjects. [Received distinction in 4 modules]

AdvancedCertificate in Business Administration (ACBA, 2017), IBA, University of Dhaka, Marketing.

BSc in Computer Science and Engineering:  BUET (2013), 3.60/4.00 (distinction)

HSC/SSC (equivalent to A/O levels) with distinction in Physics, Chemistry, Math’s. (Board Scholar)

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Award in Education and Training from SLC

Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training from Kingston Open College[On-going]


  • A Unified Dataset and Robust Jute Pests Classification Models using Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning ( submitted for IEEE)
  • Energy demand of the road transport sector of SA -application of a causality-based machine learning model to ensure sustainable environment [ only analysis part]

Book Chapters:

  1. NFC security threats and countermeasures
  2. AI-enabled teaching and learning methods using mixed reality
  3. AI & Blockchain as tools of sustainable teaching and learning to cope with the 4IR”.
  4. Sustainability risk weight asset calculation by ML concepts/ the impact of sustainability ESG on companies probability default by using ML concepts


  1. Chowdhury, N. and Mackenzie, L., 2021. Vehicular Communications for Smart Cars: Protocols, Applications and Security Concerns. CRC Press.pp 109-150
  2. Data Analytics on key indicators for the city’s urban services and dashboards for leadership and decision-making, Emerald Publishing, “Digital future: Technology and talent strategies for Sustainable Smart Cities”
  3. Research Article: The Impact of Consumer Decision Making Process towards Apparel Buying in the U.K , published in June 2022, at ISJRED
  4. Block chain Technology: A tool to solve the challenges of education sector, a. Int. J. of Computational Systems Engineering. Special Issue: Emerging Technologies and Trends in Modern E Education for Sustainable Development, Inderscience Publication
  5. Books for teenager and school going students on Maths and Science: Author ID: 61272, Available at Rokomari dot com, author name: engineer aminul islam rana
  6. Poster Presentation at MRN Conference, London, 2022; Topic: AI, Blockchain and Self Soverieign Identity in Higher Education
  7. MSc Dissertation: Applying machine learning tools to detect cyber-attacks in financial firms and banks for visualization and reporting


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Computer Vision (CV)
  • Computer Science
  • Edtech
  • Blockchain

IT and Business Analyst, Studypage UK Limited, (May 2022–continue),Aldgate Corner, E1 7RA, London, UK

Web design, content development, social media marketing, business development, academic consultancy, customer support and strategic management, IT infrastructure management, Support; Customer review text analysis using NLP techniques collected by survey, facebook comments, web feedback and google reviews.


Full stack Developer (Placement), SWOT Systems Ltd (May 2021- May 2022)

My job role was ‘Software Developer’ which was designed to train me to the mainstream of software developments sector. The plan was to develop my skills in this sector slowly in several steps. Firstly, I was responsible to observe the entire development process by interacting with different teams of the company. Secondly, I dealt with the clients to make the user stories as they follow agile methodology over traditional waterfall method in developing software. However, when I became good at it they engaged me for developing. Secondly, in developing part. I have been engaged also in step by step like frontend, api design, database connection, and backend development.

University of Gloucestershire: Data Science Researcher [2023/24], working on several projects related to AI, ML, DS, and Cyber Security including TA, RA responsibilities.